Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumn limited time discount offer

Exams ahead of you?

Too much text to deal with?

Thanks to speed reading
you'll be twice as effective *

* take a look at our testimonials and global statistics
An effective speed reading is a great weapon for every student and professional. And right now you can get it for only 19 EUR.
There is nothing to wait for - you can learn speed reading for the price of a few energy drinks...

Not a student anymore? No problem, you get a special offer too - only 39 EUR!


Cut your study time in half

You can learn the speed reading skill within 2 weeks and start saving hours per day still before your exam period, so hurry up!

How to get your discount?

Check your ISIC card number (ALIVE, ITIC or IYTC), it is immediately done. Beware of the correct entry of your name, surname and card number. Contact us at support@legentas.com if you are a student and don't have an ISIC card..


Not a student anymore? No problem :)

For others we have a special deal too -
save 26 EUR and get the full course for 39 EUR only!

Discount ends 18.11.

And what do you get with the full version of the online course?
  • all 20 learning lessons, each of them covering:
                    - eye span exercises
                    - eye movements/fixation exercises
                    - speed reading theory chapter
                    - eye relaxation exercises
                    - speed reading test at the end of each lesson
  • eBook covering some speed reading theory as well as more effective work with text techniques
  • indefinite acces to the Practice  section
  • indefinite acces to the effective reading tools 
                    - Reader
                    - Columns
                    - RSS reader, and other...
  • graduation certificate after passing the 14th lesson
  • lifelong access to the app - you can practice as long as you want


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